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Rental Contracts

Renting an instrument allows your child to use a reliable, quality, name-brand instrument without the costly investment of purchasing. Often times hand me downs or “online deals” can result in costly repairs and discourage your student from success. Students are more likely to continue their music studies if they have access to quality, well-maintained instruments that are a pleasure to play instead of a struggle. Renting also gives you a worry-free return policy if you ever wish to return or exchange to a different type of instrument.

You can rent an instrument Online, at your schools Rental Night in September, or through our Retail Store. Rental Contracts can not be completed over the phone.

UPDATE: The DFMC Retail Store is closed for In Person Shopping, but you can order online for Curbside Pickup!

How can I order a Rental Online?

  1. Click on the “Rent An Instrument” tab at the top of the page, or click here: Rent Online
  2. Select your State, Town, School, and the instrument you would like to rent from the drop-down menus. **If you are renting an instrument without a School Affiliation, please select "NO SCHOOL AFFILIATION" from the "Town" drop-down menu in your state.
  3. Select the Instrument from the drop-down menu. **All string rentals require a SIZE. If you do not know your size, please use this table
  4. Click “Select” beside the instrument of your choice to proceed to the contract portion of your rental
  5. Review the information regarding your chosen instrument.
  6. Leave the "Repair & Replacement Coverage" checked to include this in your rental. (What's this?)
  7. Review your Rental Options. If you are starting a new contract, please leave "New Rental" selected. 
  8. Select the additional items you need for your child. This may include lesson books, reeds, cleaning supplies, a music stand, or other items that the teacher has requested you purchase for music class in school. These items are NOT part of your monthly charge but are a 1-time purchase. Once you buy them, they are yours. No need to return them! 
  9. Select your delivery option. Please allow 1 business day to process an in-store pick-up order. School deliveries are made weekly to many school districts, but not all. Please check with your music teacher to find out when our next visit to your school is! 
  10. Fill out ALL customer details. Fields indicated with a * are required. 
  11. Provide credit or debit card information. All online orders must be made with a credit or debit card. 
  12. Review the terms of your Rent to Own Agreement, check the box saying you agree to the terms and type your name in the signature box. 
  13. Click "Submit" and you'll be taken to the confirmation page. Didn't receive a confirmation email? Make sure you clicked "Submit" on your online order! 
Please note: Online rental orders will not be visible through your online account until the instrument is delivered. Please do not order again if you are unsure if your order was completed; call our office for assistance at (508) 366-5994. Duplicate orders may increase the processing time. 

¿Cómo rento un instrumento en línea?
  1. Haga clic en la pestaña "Rentar un instrumento" en la parte superior de la página, o haga clic aquí: Rentar en línea
  2. Seleccione su estado, ciudad, escuela y el instrumento que desea alquilar en los menús desplegables.
  3. Seleccione el instrumento en el menú desplegable. **Todos las rentas de cuerdas requieren un TAMAÑO. Si no conoce su tamaño, utilice esta tabla.  
  4. Haga clic en "Seleccionar" junto al instrumento de su elección para proceder a la parte del contrato de su renta.
  5. Revise la información relativa al instrumento elegido.
  6. Deje marcada "Cobertura de Reparación y Reemplazo" para incluirlo en su renta. (¿Qué es esto?)
  7. Revise sus Opciones de renta. Si está iniciando un nuevo contrato, deje seleccionado "Nueva renta". 
  8. Seleccione los elementos adicionales que necesita para su hijo. Esto puede incluir libros sobre lecciones, cañas, artículos de limpieza, un atril u otros artículos que el profesor le ha pedido que compre para la clase de música en la escuela. Estos artículos NO son parte de su cargo mensual, pero son una compra de una sola vez. Una vez que los compre, serán suyos. ¡No hay necesidad de tener que devolverlos! 
  9. Seleccione su opción de entrega. Por favor, espere 1 día hábil para procesar un pedido para recoger en tienda. Las entregas escolares se realizan semanalmente a muchos distritos escolares, pero no a todos. Por favor, consulte con su profesor de música para averiguar cuándo se haremos nuestra próxima visita a su escuela. 
  10. Rellene TODOS los detalles del cliente. Los campos indicados con un * son obligatorios. 
  11. Proporcione información de tarjetas de crédito o débito. Todos los pedidos en línea deben hacerse con una tarjeta de crédito o débito. 
  12. Por favor revise los términos de su Contrato de renta a Propiedad, marque la casilla que indica que está de acuerdo con los términos y escriba su nombre en la casilla de firma. 
  13. Haga clic en "Enviar" y se le dirigirá a la página de confirmación. ¿No recibió un correo electrónico de confirmación? ¡Asegúrese de hacer clic en "Enviar" en su pedido en línea!

All our rental contracts are 'Rent to Own'. Each principal payment you make builds equity to own the instrument you are renting or equivalent full-size string instrument. Contracts must be continuous, so you can not return and re-rent. If you cancel the rental contract by returning the instrument, you lose all equity.

Repair & Replacement (or R&R) covers your instrument in case of accidental damage, theft, or loss. This includes repairs and adjustments required in the normal use of an instrument and does not cover intentional damage. While R&R is not required, we strongly recommend it to every rental customer. At some point, every instrument should be regulated, adjusted, or serviced. This policy also covers the replacement of cases, mouthpieces, bows, strings, and other required items. It does not cover expendable accessories (reeds, drumsticks, polishing cloths, etc).

Though we are sorry to see you go, instruments may be returned at any time during the rental period. Our office MUST be contacted for authorization. Please use this form to cancel your account.

  • All payments must be up to date at the time of return.
  • Rental payments are not prorated and can not be refunded.
  • The school/teacher is not responsible for canceling your contract.
  • You are responsible for the instrument until it is returned to us.

Please keep in mind that returning the instrument results in the full loss of equity towards owning the instrument. If your student ends school in June but intends to play again in September, we strongly recommend keeping the instrument for the summer months. Note: Do not leave the instrument at the school without notifying us; your school is not a party in any instrument rental transaction.

Rental Payments

We offer many solutions to making payments on your account to make it easy for you to keep up to date. 
    Autopay     An automatic monthly credit/debit card payment. 
    Online     An easy and secure way to make payments with a credit/debit card.
    Automatic Banking    Many banks offer monthly bill pay where you set up the account and the bank sends us a check.
    Phone   Payments can be made over the phone by Credit/Debit Card at (508) 366-5994
    Check   Personal checks must include your account number (found at the top of your statement) in the memo and should be mailed directly to our office at 53B Otis Street, Westborough, MA 01581.
    Money Order/MoneyGram   Money orders must include your account number and should be mailed directly to our office (address above).
    Store   Rental payments can be made by Cash, Check, or Card in our retail store.

>David French Music does not bill. You will only receive a monthly statement as a regular reminder when payment is not received by the due date indicated on your contract. You have 15 days to make your payment after the due date before a late fee is added. For your convenience, we offer automatic monthly payment options to avoid costly late fees. 

Band Rental Exchanges

To change instruments, please fill out a rental contract through our website for the instrument they are switching to. Select “Exchange” in the "Rental Type" drop-down, and complete the rental contract. If you select School Delivery, the instrument you are giving back will be picked up at the same time as your new instrument is delivered.

Up to the full amount that you have paid may be transferred to another instrument rental for the same child. The amount transferred may not exceed the value of the instrument. No refunds are provided for excess equity. Equity is non-transferrable between students. Equity is non-transferable between orchestra and band rental programs. Please reach out to Customer Service if you have questions regarding your equity/exchanges.

String Rental Size Changes

A fractional size instrument is speficially for young and growing students. The adult size string instrument will be too large for them, so as they grow their instrument can grow with them. HAving the correct size instrument is key to their success.

When they are ready for the next size, you can order the larger size online. When completing an online Size-Up, please fill out a rental contract by selecting the appropriate instrument, size, and selecting the “Size Change” field in the "Rental Type" drop-down. Once the instrument is prepared you will be notified, and the instrument will be brought to your child's school. Instruments requiring size changes are considered a continuous rental, so your payment due date and payment amount will remain the same as they were on your original contract. There is no charge for changing sizes.