Professional Instruments

With options available for both professional musicians and advancing students, we invite you to try the instrument of your choice before you buy it, to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Try it in one of our practice studios, or in your own home with our On Approval trial.

Our huge selection  of intermediate and professional instruments gives you the opportunity to find the instrument that fits you and your budget. Our staff of professional musicians and educators will help you or your student find the right instrument.


Find the Perfect Horn today!

Every intermediate or professional model instrument is
set up by our expert repair staff prior to purchase, to ensure that your new instrument will be in proper playing condition when you walk out of the store. All instruments require some amount of adjustment to achieve their peak playing condition once they arrive from the manufacturer. A new instrument from David French Music will play better than one bought anywhere else.


We also include a 1 year service warranty -- up to a $360.00 value -- FREE with the purchase of each intermediate or professional musical instrument. This David French Music Service Warranty is applied in addition to the Manufacturer's Warranty and covers any regulations or adjustments needed to keep the instrument in playable condition for the first year. After that first year, customers who purchase their intermediate or professional instrument through David French Music also receive a 20% discount on repair work for as long as they own the instrument.

We carry instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers of intermediate and professional musical instruments including Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Bach, Buffet, Keilwerth, Eastman, Anthem, North Bridge, Powell and many more!

Aside from these high-class instrument makers, David French Music is a Shokunin Select Dealer for Yamaha. Shokunin Select Dealers are guaranteed to have a generous inventory of Yamaha Intermediate, Professional, and Custom level Brass and Woodwind instruments at all times. Additionally, the highly trained staff at Shokunin Select Dealer locations like ours have the product knowledge and technical skill necessary to help you understand your Yamaha instrument inside and out. From your first step in the door, your Shokunin Select Dealer is there to guide you towards achieving your highest musical potential.

In addition to maintaining a fully-stocked showroom of professional model instruments, we also stock essential accessories from Rico, Vandoren, Jones, Meyer, Selmer, and Yamaha. To care for your newly purchased instrument, we carry a variety of premium instrument care and maintenance products including brushes, snakes, lubricants, and cloths. 


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