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How do you Practice for a Music Audition?

- 1/23/2020 8:01:33 AM
how to practice for an auditionHow do you practice for an audition? How do you calm down before a music audition? If you are auditioning for Districts, All-States, a music school or another competition, this post will help!
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How do I Know if my Instrument Needs Repairs?

- 1/23/2020 7:37:23 AM

instrument felts How do I know if my instrument needs to be fixed? How often should I get my instrument serviced? Read on to find out if there are underlying issues that are making it more difficult to play your instrument. 

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What is the Woodwind Family?

- 1/22/2020 7:51:38 AM
What is the woodwind family?What is the woodwind family of instruments? How does the woodwind family produce sound? Find out if the woodwind family is right for you
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What is the Brass Family?

- 1/18/2020 9:36:54 AM
trumpet practice tipsWhat is the brass family? The brass family encompasses a wide variety of sound, from the bright brassy tones of a trumpet to the more mellow sound of the French horn.
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What Should I Bring to Rehearsal?

- 1/17/2020 9:09:39 AM
band rehearsalWhat should I bring to band rehearsal? What do I need for orchestra practice? This post will help you decide what to bring to rehearsal so you’re not leaving important items behind.
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Which Instrument Should I Play?

- 1/17/2020 8:23:30 AM

What instrument should I play? When entering band or orchestra, students are faced with so many options for what instrument to play.This post will help you choose an instrument to play
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