What Instrument Should I Play?  Beginning Music: A Guide for Students and Parents


Which Instrument Should I Choose?


"What instrument should I play?" The day has come. Your child has reached the grade in elementary school where students have the option to play in the school band or orchestra. If you are completely new to instrumental music, have no fear!


This guide is part of an ongoing series of  posts which seek to help you and your child together explore the beginning of your student’s musical journey. These posts are meant to be read by parents and students or anyone who is new to instrumental music. Each week will have a new topic of focus. This week, we will be discussing how to choose an instrument. 

  what instrument should I choose?

 When starting band or orchestra, students are faced with so many options for what instrument to play. The list of instruments to choose from can be overwhelming. Instead of committing to playing an instrument based only on its name, follow these tips to help you decide which instrument to play. 



 Perhaps the best way to decide what instrument is right for you is to listen to how they sound. If you think about it, playing an instrument means listening to that instrument a whole lot of the time, so make sure you like the sound. Listen to recordings on YouTube of the instruments you are considering and take time to decide which sound fits you the best.



 Make the decision yourself!

 When choosing an instrument, it can be easy to be influenced by your band director, friends, or even parents. Though it can be helpful to consult with a music teacher, choosing an instrument should be an individual's decision. Parents, let your child pick the instrument they like best. Students, take the time to find out what you like. This is the instrument you’ll be playing every day, so don’t just pick the one everyone else is choosing


What is the woodwind family?


Experience them hands-on

 Check to see if the school or a music program near you is offering an opportunity to hold or even try playing the instruments. This can give you an idea of how it feels to play the instrument. 


 Now that you have some general tips on how to choose the right instrument for you, check out the next few weeks’ posts which are a guide to the different instrument families with a brief description of each instrument. These posts will help you continue to choose the best instrument for you!